Randall Seifert

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A prospective study was undertaken of physical assaults over six months in a newly opened psychiatric intensive care unit. There were 58 admissions of 48 patients, and 37 assaults, three against other patients, and 34 against nursing and medical staff. Features which correlated with committing assault were a criminal record and previous drug abuse. Assaults(More)
We performed an exploratory study of quantitative EEG in aetiopathogenetically different paranoid-hallucinatory psychoses divided into the following groups: a) patients with familial psychoses (n = 12), b) patients with neuropsychological deficits (n = 16), c) patients with alcohol and drug abuse (n = 22) and d) patients with so-called sporadic psychoses (n(More)
OBJECTIVES To integrate an Internet-based medical chart (IMC) system into a pharmacotherapy course to facilitate evaluation and feedback processes, foster development of written documentation skills, and prepare pharmacy students for future changes in electronic medical documentation systems. DESIGN An IMC system was introduced into a pharmacotherapy(More)
In the last 2 decades, health care management has been challenged by more aggressive therapy, the increased number of specialty medications, and more stringent guidelines to monitor adverse events or health risk. To promote patient safety, various communication requirements are mandated to increase the risk awareness of patients and physicians. These(More)
OBJECTIVE To document and evaluate the design and operation of a medication therapy management (MTM) benefit and associated MTM clinic developed by the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy as a covered health plan benefit for University of Minnesota, Duluth (UMD) employees, early retirees, and their dependents. SETTING Office-based, nondispensing(More)
The Medicare Utilization Review Committee conducted a survey to determine the use of drugs with anticholinergic effects in confused elderly nursing home patients. Twenty-nine patients (34.5 percent) were receiving anticholinergic drugs, predominantly from the antidepressant and antipsychotic class. Thioridazine (Mellaril) was the most frequently used(More)
The Federal Employment Institute's statistics of Sept. 1990 clearly show that severely disabled persons are more frequently hit by long-term unemployment than non-disabled unemployed. Unemployment of more than two years' duration at the time had been the case for some 30.8% of the severely disabled, compared to a share of 13.7% for non-disabled. This(More)
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