Randall S. Robbs

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Most breast cancer survivors (BCS) are not meeting recommended physical activity guidelines. Here, we report the effects of the Better Exercise Adherence after Treatment for Cancer (BEAT Cancer) behavior change intervention on physical activity, aerobic fitness, and quality of life (QoL). We randomized 222 post-primary treatment BCS to the 3-month(More)
This is the first systematic investigation of the very long-term effects of severe closed head injury (CHI) on objective measures of memory, and the first to employ both a normal control group and an 'other injury' control group consisting of spinal cord injury (SCI) patients. The CHI group displayed significantly poorer performance on every memory measure,(More)
The Alzheimer Disease Assessment Scale (ADAS) was administered to 61 patients with dementia of the Alzheimer type (DAT) and 52 elderly controls. The DAT group was subdivided into different severity levels of dementia based on scores from the Mini-Mental State Exam: very mild (greater than or equal to 24), mild (20 to 23), moderate (10 to 19), and severe (0(More)
The Alzheimer Disease Assessment Scale (ADAS) was administered to 61 Alzheimer patients, 52 elderly controls, and 80 controls between age 7 and 54 years. The Alzheimer group was categorized into different severity levels of dementia based on MMSE scores: very mild (> or = 24), mild (> or = 20), moderate (10-19), and severe (0-9). All 11 ADAS Cognitive(More)
BACKGROUND The use of safe iodinated contrast media (CM) to prevent contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) is an important consideration among renally impaired diabetic patients during coronary angiography. HYPOTHESIS Diabetic patients with normal or mild renal dysfunction are less likely to receive renal protective measures during angiography, yet they may(More)
PURPOSE To compare the characteristics and outcome data of students from a single institution with a two-track, problem based learning (PBL) and standard (STND) curriculum. METHOD PBL and STND students from nine graduating classes at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine were compared using common medical school performance outcomes (USMLE Step(More)
PURPOSE To compare two methods of rating students' performances on history and physical examination: (1) by using checklists completed by standardized patients (SPs) and databases completed by students, and (2) by using ratings of students by three physicians for each SP-student encounter. METHOD Four cases were chosen for the study, and 30 students were(More)
Social cognitive theory (SCT) measures related to exercise adherence in head and neck cancer (HNCa) patients were developed. Enrolling 101 HNCa patients, psychometric properties and associations with exercise behavior were examined for barriers self-efficacy, perceived barriers interference, outcome expectations, enjoyment, and goal setting. Cronbach's(More)
Word fluency in 45 medicated non-demented Parkinson's disease (PD) patients and 45 normal control subjects was studied with a Phonemic Word Fluency (PWF) task using the letters F, A, and S, a Semantic Word Fluency (SWF) task using the categories animals, boys' names, and states, and an Alternating Word Fluency (AWF) task requiring the person to alternate(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the relationship between clinical competence and interpersonal and communication skills, in an attempt to clarify current thinking about these two dimensions as measured with standardized-patient (SP) examinations. METHOD Simple Pearson correlations were computed between total examination scores for clinical competence and(More)