Randall Reeder

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The direct use of verbal and physiological response measures to assess the cognitive component of a sociopolitical attitude is made difficult by the multiple meanings of sociopolitical stimuli. In the present study a modified differential classical conditioning procedure was used to produce an unambiguous physiological (skin conductance) response to stimuli(More)
No-till versus Tillage In the Midwest, about three-fourths of all soybeans and wheat are planted without prior tillage. But before corn is planted at least three-fourths of the fields are tilled in the fall and possibly tilled again in the spring. Farmers are tilling ahead of corn planting because they perceive a yield increase with tillage that is more(More)
The CHOOZ experiment 1 has measured the antineutrino ux at about 1 Km from two nuclear reactors to search for possible e ! x oscillations with mass-squared diierences as low as 10 ?3 eV 2 for full mixing. We show that the analysis of the 2700 e {events, collected by our liquid scintillation detector, locates the antineutrino source within a cone of(More)
We discuss the Chooz experiment, a long baseline search for neutrino vacuum oscillations, which will utilize a gadolinium-loaded liquid scintillation detector one km from a large nuclear power station. The 300-mwe underground site of the detector reduces cosmic ray muons, the main source of background in this type of experiment, by a factor of 300, thereby(More)
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