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Physiological hand tremor impedes microsurgery. We present both a novel adaptive algorithm for tremor estimation and a new technique for active real-time canceling of physiological tremor. Tremor is modeled online using the weighted-frequency Fourier linear combiner (WFLC). This adaptive algorithm models tremor as a modulating sinusoid, and tracks its(More)
Overall manual accuracy and motion frequency in simulated microsurgery have been studied. Eye surgeons were tested in two tasks: attempting to hold an instrument still, and repeatedly actuating. Rms error and overall motion range were measured. Spectral analysis was also performed. The average rms error was 49 µm and 133 µm, respectively, for the two test(More)
INTRODUCTION Standard measurements used to assess murine models of rheumatoid arthritis, notably paw thickness and clinical score, do not align well with certain aspects of disease severity as assessed by histopathology. We tested the hypothesis that non-invasive optical tomographic imaging of molecular biomarkers of inflammation and bone turnover would(More)
molecules NgCAM and axonin-1 form heterodimers in the neuronal membrane and cooperate in neurite outgrowth promotion. Intracellular signaling is changed after clustering of the neural cell adhesion molecules axonin-1 and NgCAM during neurite fasciculation. A direct interaction of axonin-1 with NgCAM-related cell adhesion molecule (NrCAM) results in(More)
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