Randall R Porter

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cDNA clones of human complement components C4A and C4B alleles were prepared from mRNA obtained from the liver of a donor heterozygous at both loci. cDNA from one C4A allele was sequenced to give the derived complete amino acid sequence of 1722 amino acid residues of the C4 single chain precursor molecule and the estimated sequences of the three peptide(More)
Four human complement genes, which have previously been mapped between HLA-D and HLA-B on chromosome 6, have now been aligned on a 98-kilobase (kb) section of the chromosome on the basis of four overlapping cosmid clones of genomic DNA. The C2 and factor B genes, less than 2 kb apart, are about 30 kb from two C4 genes separated from each other by about 10(More)
OBJECTIVE Chondrosarcomas are rare, infiltrative, progressive lesions that occur at the cranial base. Their intimate association with cranial nerves and major vessels of the head and neck often precludes complete surgical resection. METHODS Between 1983 and 2003, 23 patients (14 females, 9 males) were treated at our institution with the diagnosis of(More)
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