Randall Price

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This paper describes research to investigate the extent to which new technology and changing work practices in diagnostic imaging have changed the skill requirements of working radiographers. Interviews were conducted with radiography managers, radiologists and industry representatives. While changes in technology were viewed as having a significant impact(More)
One of the most crucial texts for the futurist interpretation of prophecy concerning Israel is the vision of the prophet Ezekiel in chapters 40-48. In this text the prophet presents God’s instructions for the construction of a new Temple to be built as part of the promise of Israel’s divine restoration. The concern of the exiles, as exemplified by Daniel’s(More)
The designation "Antichrist," appearing only in the epistles of John (1 John 2:18, 22; 4:3; 2 John 7), is made up of the Greek words anti ("against, in place of") and christos ("Christ"), and indicates any agent of the evil one (Satan) who acts contrary to or as a counterfeit of God's Anointed who is destined to rule the world in the end time (Psalm 2:2,(More)
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