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Yoshie Hanzawa1
1Steven C. Huber
1Yoshie Hanzawa
1Kunzhi Li
1Gabriela Seufferheld
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The activity patterns of rhythmically firing neurons in monkey primary somatosensory cortex (SI) were studied during trained wrist movements that were performed in response to palmar vibration. Of 1,222 neurons extracellularly recorded in SI, 129 cells (approximately 11%) discharged rhythmically (at approximately 30 Hz) during maintained wrist position.(More)
  • Faqiang Wu, Brian William Price, Waseem Haider, Gabriela Seufferheld, Randall Nelson, Yoshie Hanzawa
  • 2014
CONSTANS (CO) plays a central role in photoperiodic flowering control of plants. However, much remains unknown about the function of the CO gene family in soybean and the molecular mechanisms underlying short-day photoperiodic flowering of soybean. We identified 26 CO homologs (GmCOLs) in the soybean genome, many of them previously unreported. Phylogenic(More)
Although soybean seeds appear homogeneous, their composition (protein, oil and mineral concentrations) can vary significantly with the canopy position where they were produced. In studies with 10 cultivars grown over a 3-yr period, we found that seeds produced at the top of the canopy have higher concentrations of protein but less oil and lower(More)
Food damage causes untold dollars of damage to computer labs across the world. Most labs have rules that prohibit eating, but theses rules are difficult to enforce. A simple automated system that is capable of detecting violators has the ability to both cut down on violations and to catch violators. In this project, we aim to intelligently identify when(More)
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