Randall K Scott

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OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship between the mean daily concentration of respirable particles arising from bushfire smoke and hospital presentations for asthma. DESIGN AND SETTING An ecological study conducted in Darwin (Northern Territory, Australia) from 1 April - 31 October 2000, a period characterised by minimal rainfall and almost continuous(More)
We present a scaling theory for unforced inviscid two-dimensional turbulence. Our model unifies existing spatial and temporal scaling theories. The theory is based on a self-similar distribution of vortices of different sizes A. Our model uniquely determines the spatial and temporal scaling of the associated vortex number density which allows the(More)
Passive and active scalar mixing is examined in a simple one-parameter family of two-dimensional flows based on quasi-geostrophic dynamics, in which the active scalar, the quasi-geostrophic potential vorticity, is confined to a single horizontal surface so-called surface quasi-geostrophic dynamics and in which a passive scalar field is also advected by the(More)
Jets or localized strong currents in planetary atmospheres, as well as in the Earth's oceans, are often associated with sharp potential-vorticity gradients owing to the inherent balance exhibited by these flows. Here, we explore and quantify jet sharpening in a simple idealized single-layer quasi-geostrophic model on a mid-latitude β-plane. The advantages(More)
An idealized, linear model of the coastal ocean is used to assess the domain of influence of surface type data, in particular how much information such data contain about the ocean state at depth and how such information may be retrieved. The ultimate objective is to assess the feasibility of assimilation of real surface current data, obtained from coastal(More)