Randall K. Johnson

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A nonpeptidyl small molecule SB 247464, capable of activating granulocyte-colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) signal transduction pathways, was identified in a high-throughput assay in cultured cells. Like G-CSF, SB 247464 induced tyrosine phosphorylation of multiple signaling proteins and stimulated primary murine bone marrow cells to form granulocytic(More)
Merbarone has previously been shown to have antitumor activity of unknown mechanism in P38S and 1,1210 tumor models (A. D. Brewer et a/., Biochem. Pharmacol., 34:2047-2050,1985) and is currently undergo ing Phase I clinical trials. Here we report that merbarone is an inhibitor of topoisomerase II. Merbarone inhibited purified mammalian topoisom-erase II(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the study was to demonstrate the activity of etirinotecan pegol, a polymer conjugate of irinotecan, in multiple human tumor models and to establish both the pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) relationship and clinical relevance of the findings. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Anti-tumor activity was evaluated in mouse models of human lung,(More)
The growth of three murine solid tumors (Lewis lung carcinoma, B16 melanoma, and glioma 26) implanted s.c. was inhibited markedly by treatment with N-(phosphona-cetyl)-L-aspartate (PALA). On the other hand, PALA had no activity against four murine leukemias. Similar relative sensitivity of these tumors toward PALA was obtained in tissue culture by measuring(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this systematic review of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) and controlled trials (non-RCTs, NRCTs) is to investigate the effectiveness and related costs of case management (CM) for patients with heart failure (HF) predominantly based in the community in reducing unplanned readmissions and length of stay (LOS). SETTING CM initiated(More)
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