Randall Galen Miller

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Litter samples from 24 flocks of broilers and four flocks of broiler breeders were evaluated for Salmonella contamination, water activity (Aw), and total moisture content (MC). The drag swab (DS) monitoring system was used to collect samples to detect Salmonella contamination. Simultaneously, representative samples of the uppermost surfaces of dry (loose)(More)
Soil waterlogging is a primary constraint to crop yield both globally and in the United States, yet little is known about the genetic control of waterlogging tolerance in wheat. The objective of this study was to characterize genetic variation for key adaptive traits influencing waterlogging tolerance at the vegetative stage and to identify associated(More)
Four maintenance media were compared for the preservation of the sensitivity of drag swabs and to assess the survival of Salmonella spp. on drag swabs at reduced temperatures. The effects of Difco double-strength skim milk (2 x SM), 2% buffered peptone water (BPW), a modified liquid Cary-Blair transport medium (LCB), and lactose broth holding medium were(More)
The Salmonella detection ability of 2 surfactant-supplemental media, xylose-lysine-tergitol (Nia-proof) 4 (XLT4) and Miller-Mallinson (MM) agar, was compared against that of several commonly used plating media. XLT4 and MM appeared to be the most efficient in detecting Salmonella in meat products and food animal environments. MM was superior to XLT4 in(More)
The immune system does not normally react against self components. Originally, it was postulated that self-reactive cells were somehow deleted or blocked. More recent thinking is that such cells are suppressed by regulatory networks similar to those limiting the immune response against non-self determinants. Both mechanisms may exist. I describe here a type(More)
Freeze-fracture electron microscopy reveals constant and widespread presence of membrane particles on the fracture faces of frozen myelin. In unfixed myelin frozen shortly after dissection the distribution of the particles is uniform. In glutaraldehyde-fixed and/or glycerol-impregnated myelin the particles frequently occupy a network interspersed with(More)
Oral health care is an essential component of daily hygiene for hospitalized patients, and nurses have an important role in helping patients maintain an acceptable level of oral health. This study tested the hypothesis that nursing students are graduating with an insufficient knowledge of oral health care for hospitalized patients. Four groups of senior(More)
A strategically balanced medium was developed for the improved detection of nontyphoid and typhoid salmonellae. Its balanced sugar (cellobiose, lactose, mannitol, and trehalose) and protein (beef extract and polypeptone peptone) formulation provided Salmonella with a selective growth advantage over non-Salmonella enteric organisms. The formulations promoted(More)