Randall D. Whitaker

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Europeans and Americans have often "talked past" each other about aspects of organizational life. One such aspect is user involvement in systems development. The methodologies of Participatory Design (PD) and Joint Application Design (JAD) have established themselves in Scandinavia and North America as. influential thrusts in software development, yet there(More)
munities are interested in understanding cyberspace as a business venue. To date, understanding has been pursued by analysing the cyber-space venue using presumptions from theories and practices evolved in and for the traditional business venue of the physical world ('real space'). We believe the results have been poor, because these communities(More)
Commanders' Predictive Environment (CPE) is a multi-year program that has been undertaken by the Air Force Research Laboratory to develop ways to allow commanders to better anticipate and predict the outcomes of actions of both allied and opponent forces. One objective of this program is to use intuitive and innovative visualization techniques to present(More)
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