Randall D. Kamien

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We show that Scherk's first surface, a one-parameter family of solutions to the minimal surface equation, may be written as a linear superposition of other solutions with specific parametric values. A surface in the Monge representation, represented by its height function h[x, y], is a minimal surface whenever (1 + h 2 y)h xx − 2h x h y h xy + (1 + h 2 x)h(More)
  • F M D W Nath, C Ruscetti, K S Petrow-Sadowski, D Derse, S A Hill, P A Lloyd +3 others
  • 2003
evolved to promote and integrate virus production with VS formation. In addition to initiating signal transduc-tion in the infected cell, adhesion molecule engagement at the VS ostensibly activates the uninfected target cell. Activation would ensure expression of virus receptors by the uninfected cell and promote virus replication once the virus has entered(More)
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