Randall C. Smith

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A spline-based method for approximating thin shell dynamics is presented here. While the method is developed in the context of the Donnell-Mushtari thin shell equations, it can be easily extended to the Byrne-Fl ugge-Lur'ye equations or other models for shells of revolution as warranted by applications. The primary requirements for the method include(More)
This paper discusses the use of omnidirectional stereo for panoramic virtual environments. It presents two methods for real-time rendering of omnistereo images. Conventional perspective stereo is correct everywhere in the visual field, but only in one view direction. Omnistereo is correct in every view direction, but only in the center of the visual field,(More)
The effects of alcohol on formal aspects of social communication were studied by scoring transcripts of verbal discussions between dyads in alcohol and placebo sessions. At a low dose (3.83 to 1.0 ml/kg), alcohol significantly (P Less than .01) increased the amount of and overlap in communications, and tended to decrease subjects' acknowledgement of their(More)
The study reported here revealed a very high incidence of unrecognized feelings toward the patient ("countertransference") and potentially harmful associated behaviors in a group of medical students at the midpoint of their training. Fifteen students were studied individually by the author during a clinical interview each student conducted with a patient.(More)
New product development involves people with different backgrounds. Designers, engineers, and consumers all have different design criteria, and these criteria interact. Early concepts evolve in this kind of collaborative context, and there is a need for dynamic visualization of the interaction between design shape and other shape-related design criteria. In(More)
The use of Virtual Environments (VE) for many research and commercial purposes relies on its ability to generate environments that faithfully reproduce the physical world. However, due to its limitations the VE can have a number of flaws that adversely affects its use and believability. One of the more important aspects of this problem is whether the size(More)
The goal of this project was to determine if advanced rendering methods such as global illumination allow more accurate discrimination of shape differences than standard rendering methods such as OpenGL.To address these questions, we conducted two psychophysical experiments to measure observers' sensitivity to shape differences between a physical model and(More)