Randall Brockman

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  • R Brockman
  • 1990
The regressive potential of the borderline patient has been recognized ever since the term was first introduced by Adolph Stern in 1938. He believed these patients were "too ill for classical psychoanalysis," and indeed almost all who have written on this subject have supported Stern's view, recognizing the severe regressive potential of a borderline(More)
Serum hepatic cell-surface enzymes, isoenzymes, and sialic acid levels may be useful adjuncts in detecting early metastatic disease and in evaluating the tumor burden of patients with uveal melanoma. Hepatic cell-surface enzyme concentrations were elevated in the serum of ten patients with uveal melanoma and liver metastasis and in five patients with other(More)
Conventional ambulatory electrocardiogram (ECG) (Holter) monitoring involves 2 or 3 surface leads recorded with electrode positions and signal characteristics that are different from diagnostic quality 12-lead ECGs due to the limitations imposed by technology on the ambulatory recorders. The rapid pace of technological development for medical devices,(More)
This study of a large series of victims of trauma to the cervicothoracic great vessels confirms the lethal potential of these injuries: more than half of victims of such injuries died. The optimal management of patients potentially harboring such vascular damage appears to include skilled prehospital resuscitation and rapid transport to a trauma center, a(More)
A Potpourri of Useful manuals, but seems to institu-Books and Publications tionalize these bad points by setting them up as standards. A couple of issues ago (Febru-ary 1983, Vol.9, No.l), I reviewed four different books intended to instruct writers on how to develop computer documentation. No sooner did the review appear than I discovered another book in(More)
As purveyors of the language, claiming to be communication experts, we need to heal ourselves of a growing disease. This disease, becoming prevalent with the spread of computer technology, is the dreaded "use of jargon." Fellow communicators, many of us are using the terms "hardcopy" and "softco-py" when we speak of computer documentation. (A refresher for(More)
Cimetidine, the first of a new class of pharmacologic agents that dramatically inhibit basal gastric acid secretion, is achieving widespread use for the treatment of such acid peptic disorders as duodenal ulcers, gastritis, and reflux esophagitis. Three patients are presented who experienced agitation, disorientation, and hallucinations while being treated(More)
There is a growing trend towards the unification of the practices of physicians under the umbrella of a hospital or group of hospitals. Prior to entering into such relationships, hospitals must test the relationship to be sure that it will not lead to a violation of the anti-kickback statute or, if the hospital is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3), the(More)