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The biochemistry of the mitogen activated protein kinases ERK, JNK, and p38 have been studied in prostate physiology in an attempt to elucidate novel mechanisms and pathways for the treatment of prostatic disease. We reviewed articles examining mitogen-activated protein kinases using prostate tissue or cell lines. As with other tissue types, these signaling(More)
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and the coupled oxidative stress have been associated with tumor formation. Several studies suggested that ROS can act as secondary messengers and control various signaling cascades. In the present studies, we characterized the oxidative stress status in three different prostate cancer cells (PC3, DU145, and LNCaP) exhibiting(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the role of ejaculatory duct obstruction as a cause for male factor infertility and review the treatment of this condition. DESIGN A retrospective study was carried out involving male patients diagnosed as having ejaculatory duct obstruction as a contributing cause for their subfertility. SETTING Patients were evaluated and treated(More)
Partial ejaculatory duct obstruction, due to either a congenital or an acquired cyst or ejaculatory duct stenosis secondary to calcification, chronic inflammation, can produce a wide spectrum of seminal fluid abnormalities. Sperm density may range from azoospermia to normospermia while ejaculate volume can be low to normal. Sperm motility is consistently(More)
BACKGROUND Prostate-derived Ets factor (PDEF) is expressed in tissues of high epithelial content including prostate, although its precise function has not been fully established. Conventional therapies produce a high rate of cure for patients with localized prostate cancer, but there is, at present, no effective treatment for intervention in metastatic(More)
To evaluate the prognostic significance of post-irradiation biopsy results in patients with prostatic cancer, we reviewed the records of 803 patients who had been treated with pelvic lymph node dissection, radioactive gold seed implantation and external beam irradiation. Of the patients 124 had 1 or more biopsies within 6 to 36 months after completion of(More)
CONTEXT Aging in men is associated with reduced testosterone (T) levels and physiological changes leading to frailty, but the benefits of T supplementation are inconclusive. OBJECTIVE We studied the effects of T supplementation with and without progressive resistance training (PRT) on functional performance, strength, and body composition. DESIGN,(More)
Oxalate is a metabolic end product excreted by the kidney. Mild increases in urinary oxalate are most commonly associated with Nephrolithiasis. Chronically high levels of urinary oxalate, as seen in patients with primary hyperoxaluria, are driving factor for recurrent renal stones, and ultimately lead to renal failure, calcification of soft tissue and(More)
The association between male subfertility and varicocele has long been recognized. Physical examination is the most widely used method for detecting varicoceles but other techniques may be more sensitive. Color Doppler sonography has the theoretical advantage of allowing direct demonstration of reversed flow in the testicular veins. The frequency of(More)