Randal W. Hill

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The resistivity of the heavy-fermion superconductor CeCoIn5 was measured as a function of temperature, down to 25 mK and in magnetic fields of up to 16 T applied perpendicular to the basal plane. With increasing field, we observe a suppression of the non-Fermi liquid behavior, rho approximately T, and the development of a Fermi liquid state, with its(More)
Arsonists seen for psychiatric assessment were compared to property offenders and to violent offenders on a number of clinical measures. It was found that arsonists were a mixture of the two groups but the majority aligned with property offenders in personality, diagnosis, criminal and violence history, family background, alcohol and drug use as well as in(More)
The transport of heat and charge in the overdoped cuprate superconductor Tl(2)Ba2CuO(6+delta) was measured down to low temperature. In the normal state, obtained by applying a magnetic field greater than the upper critical field, the Wiedemann-Franz law is verified to hold perfectly. In the superconducting state, a large residual linear term is observed in(More)
Heat and charge conduction were measured in the heavy-fermion metal CeRhIn(5), an antiferromagnet with T(N)=3.8 K. The thermal resistivity is found to be proportional to the magnetic entropy, revealing that spin fluctuations are as effective in scattering electrons as they are in disordering local moments. The electrical resistivity, governed by a q(2)(More)
The in-plane resistivity rho and thermal conductivity kappa of single crystal Na0.7CoO2 were measured down to 40 mK. Verification of the Wiedemann-Franz law, kappa/T=L(0)/rho as T-->0, and observation of a T2 dependence of rho at low temperature establish the existence of a well-defined Fermi-liquid state. The measured value of coefficient A reveals(More)
Reviews of daily time-series mortality studies from many cities throughout the world suggest that daily mortality counts are associated with short-term changes in particulate matter (PM) air pollution. One U.S. city, however, with conspicuously weak PM-mortality associations was Salt Lake City, Utah; however, relatively robust PM-mortality associations have(More)
Situation awareness and assessment are fundamental components of rational virtual humans. They are central parts of models of virtual humans and critical elements of efficient reasoning and planning systems. In this paper, we describe our efforts of developing the capability of situation awareness in autonomous, synthetic virtual pilots in a military(More)
The behaviour of electrons in solids is well described by Landau's Fermi-liquid theory, which predicts that although electrons in a metal interact, they can still be treated as well defined fermions, which are called 'quasiparticles'. At low temperatures, the ability of quasiparticles to transport heat is given strictly by their ability to transport charge,(More)