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Cardiac conducting tissue from the hearts of 40 victims of sudden infant death syndrome was examined microscopically by serial section. In five hearts there were marked narrowing of the major artery supplying the atrioventricular node. In another there was similar narrowing of the artery supplying the sinus node. The arterial lesions were focal and(More)
Arsonists seen for psychiatric assessment were compared to property offenders and to violent offenders on a number of clinical measures. It was found that arsonists were a mixture of the two groups but the majority aligned with property offenders in personality, diagnosis, criminal and violence history, family background, alcohol and drug use as well as in(More)
A primate lymphotropic lentivirus was isolated on the human T-cell line HuT 78 after cocultivation of a lymph node from a pig-tailed macaque (Macaca nemestrina) that had died with malignant lymphoma. This isolate, originally designated M. nemestrina immunodeficiency virus (MnIV) and now classified as simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV/Mne), was inoculated(More)
Single-cell clones of HIV-1 (FRE-3) or SIV/Mne infected HuT 78 cells were obtained by plating dilutions of virally infected HuT 78 cells on a monolayer of sheep choroid plexus cells in 96-well microtiter plates. Several of these clones produce HIV-1 virus mutants that accumulate the gag precursor polyprotein and lack a functional protease. These(More)
Since the invention of the laser more than 50 years ago, scientists have striven to achieve amplification on atomic transitions of increasingly shorter wavelength. The introduction of X-ray free-electron lasers makes it possible to pump new atomic X-ray lasers with ultrashort pulse duration, extreme spectral brightness and full temporal coherence. Here we(More)
Interpersonal problems are frequently a source of distress for individuals and the focus of psychotherapeutic interventions. A self-report circumplex measure, the Inventory of Interpersonal Problems Circumplex (IIP-C), was modified for this investigation to acquire peer report data on interpersonal problems to help assess the validity of self-reported(More)
The macaque infectious dose (MID) of a single-cell clone of simian immunodeficiency virus isolated from a pig-tailed macaque (SIV/Mne clone E11S) was determined in rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta). Twenty-one macaques were inoculated with 10-fold dilutions of the virus stock (three or four animals per dose). The virologic and clinical status of these(More)