Randal S. Olshefski

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Survivin is a gene that is widely expressed throughout the development of the normal mammalian embryo. Subcellular localisation of Survivin to both the nucleus and cytoplasm has suggested multiple functional roles, including inhibition of cell death, especially as demonstrated within a variety of malignant cell types, as well as regulation of the mitotic(More)
Children with high-grade glioma, including diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), have a poor prognosis despite multimodal therapy. Identifying novel therapeutic targets is critical to improve their outcome. We evaluated prognostic roles of telomere maintenance mechanisms in children with HGG, including DIPG. A multi-institutional retrospective study was(More)
The biological activity of human medulloblastoma tumor gangliosides very likely involves the interaction of these molecules with host cells in the tumor microenvironment. To trace the hypothesized intercellular transfer of shed medulloblastoma gangliosides, we used an in vitro dual-chamber culture system in which the tumor cells, the shed gangliosides, and(More)
It was postulated that the therapeutic index of very toxic, oxidative drugs could be improved by concurrent treatment with other agents, such as methylene-blue, which affect the concentration of intracellular reducing agents. In support of this hypothesis, methylene-blue was found to protect mice against the toxic effects of doxorubicin without reducing(More)
This study investigates the outcome of children <10 years old with newly-diagnosed ependymoma treated on the prospective multinational "Head Start" III clinical trial. Between April 2004 and July 2009, 19 children with newly-diagnosed ependymoma were enrolled. All children were to receive five induction chemotherapy cycles followed by one consolidation(More)
OBJECTIVE Research on body image and sexual satisfaction after adult onset cancer has shown significant and lasting impairments regarding survivors' sexuality and romantic relationships. However, knowledge about these topics and their associations in adult survivors of childhood cancer is largely lacking. METHODS Participants completed web-based(More)
INTRODUCTION Pediatric high-grade gliomas are rare tumors with poor outcomes and incompletely defined management. We conducted a multi-institutional retrospective study to evaluate association of clinical, pathologic, and treatment characteristics with outcomes. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty-one patients treated from 1984 to 2008 at the Ohio State(More)
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