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Previous studies have shown that the CcpA protein of Bacillus subtilis is a major transcription factor mediating catabolite repression. We report here whole-transcriptome analyses that characterize CcpA-dependent, glucose-dependent gene expression and correlate the results with full-genome computer analyses of DNA binding (CRE) sites for CcpA. The data(More)
The availability of the complete sequence of the Bacillus subtilis chromosome (F. Kunst et al., Nature 390:249-256, 1997) makes possible the construction of genome-wide DNA arrays and the study of this organism on a global scale. Because we have a long-standing interest in the effects of scoC on late-stage developmental phenomena as they relate to aprE(More)
We here describe all recognized established and putative transport proteins encoded within the genome of Bacillus subtilis. These fall into four classes of established transporter types: (1) channel proteins, (2) secondary active transporters, (3) primary active transporters, and (4) group translocators of the sugar-transporting phosphotransferase system(More)
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