Randal Olson

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The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has been considering revision of the regulatory requirements for the emergency core cooling system (ECCS), as set forth in Title 10, In particular, those requirements state that the ECCS shall be sized to provide adequate makeup water to compensate for a break of the largest diameter pipe in the primary system(More)
and the participants* of the "Potsdam '95" NPP model intercomparison workshop Annual net primary production (g C m-2 yr-1) estimated as the average of all model NPP estimates. The enthusiastic participation of all modelling teams in both workshops is gratefully acknowledged. The open spirit of sharing results of ongoing work within the team provided an(More)
The picture is of a single swarm that evolved in the model due to predation in the presence of the predator confusion effect. If you think of each white line as a fish or bird (prey) and the red line as the predator, you can see this as a "top-down" view of the swarm if you were looking over them. — Many animals-from locusts to fish-live in groups and(More)
Short-haul truck (lorry) drivers are particularly vulnerable to back pain and injury due to exposure to whole body vibration, prolonged sitting and demanding material handling tasks. The current project reports the results of video-based assessments (711 stops) and driver behavioural self-monitoring (BSM) (385 stops) of injury hazards during non-driving(More)
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