Randal L. Schmitt

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For what is believed to be the first time, a single-longitudinal-mode passively Q-switched Nd:YAG microlaser is used to pump a narrow-bandwidth periodically poled lithium niobate (PPLN) optical parametric generator-optical parametric amplifier (OPG-OPA). Before amplification in the OPA, the output of the OPG stage was spectrally filtered with an air-spaced(More)
A new technique has been developed which allows simultaneous 2-D mapping of CH and CH 4 in a turbulent methane flame. A flashlamp-pumped dye laser using two back mirrors produces output at 431.5 and 444 nm simultaneously. The 431.5-nm line is used to excite the (0, 0) band of the A(2)Delta-X(2)Pi system of CH, and the fluorescence of the (0, 1) transition(More)
A frequency-locked, injection-seeded, pulsed optical parametric generator (OPG) has been developed for short-range infrared differential absorption lidar (DIAL) applications. The periodically poled lithium niobate OPG is pumped by a passively Q-switched Nd:YAG microlaser and is seeded by a distributed feedback (DFB) diode laser. The OPG is designed for DIAL(More)
We describe the design and performance of a high-repetition-rate single-frequency passively Q-switched Yb:YAG microlaser operating near 1030 nm. By using short cavity length, an intracavity Brewster polarizer, and an etalon output coupler, we are able to produce ~1-ns-long single-frequency pulses at repetition rates up to 19 kHz without shot-to-shot mode(More)
We describe a monolithic diode-laser-pumped Nd:YLF minilaser that operates at 1.053 microm. By aligning the c axis of the Nd:YLF crystal parallel to the laser resonator axis we are able to suppress completely lasing on the (higher-gain) 1.047-microAtmra nsition of Nd:YLE We describe the design and fabrication of the laser and report its cw and gain-switched(More)
We report the use of gain switching to obtain 60 mW of single-longitudinal-mode peak output power from a laser-diode-excited monolithic Nd:YAG laser. The device is demonstrated to operate at repetition rates in excess of 1 kHz and exhibits a spectral linewidth of less than 8 MHz. This oscillator provides an ideal source for injection seeding of laboratory(More)
We have designed and tested a compact injection seeding system consisting of a diode-laser-pumped Nd:YAG master oscillator and a permanent-magnet Faraday isolator. With active resonator frequency stabilization, this system permits highly reliable single-axial-mode operation of a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser over a period of hours. The system is capable of(More)
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