Randal B. Watson

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The optical properties of scattering media determine the attenuation (A) and the transit time (?t?) of light reflected from the medium as well as the phase (?) and modulation depth (M) of an intensity-modulated lightwave. Our primary finding is that the ratio of changes in A, ?, and M is approximately independent of the scattering properties and gives a(More)
The accurate, quantitative analysis of absorption and scattering properties in tissue is a central problem in biochemical optics, in particular for the determination of hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin concentrations. Because of light scattering, the absolute concentrations of these chromophores (i.e., the absorption coefficient) cannot easily be inferred. A(More)
The Probing Lensing Anomalies NETwork (PLANET) is a worldwide collaboration of astronomers using semi-dedicated European, South African, and Australian telescopes to perform continuous, rapid and precise multi-band CCD photometric monitoring of ongoing Galactic mi-crolensing events. As well as providing important additional information on the nature,(More)
Acknowledgments I am indebted to my supervisor, Kenneth Hendricks, for his constant encouragement, guidance, and patience throughout the course of this dissertation. I wish to thank all my committee members for their suggestions and comments. I am also grateful to seminar participants at the University of Texas at Austin and Bilkent University for(More)
This dissertation examines the online auction markets and focuses on eBay in particular. EBay provides an environment in which losers can bid again and we study the effects of this dynamic feature on the bidding behavior of buyers. Chapter 1 presents the introduction for the dissertation. In Chapter 2 we first introduce the eBay market and the data we have(More)
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