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A controversial set of hypotheses have been proposed as an explanation for nonvulval (i.e., nonclitoral) orgasms in women. First, women have a small sensitive area in the anterior wall of the vagina (the Grafenberg spot) which seems to trigger these "deeper" orgasms. Second, stimulation of this area may be associated with ejaculatory response during orgasm.(More)
We recently established a multidisciplinary center for the evaluation and treatment of male sexual dysfunction. The patients are seen in a single day by the endocrinologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, neurophysiologist and urologist. Laboratory studies include chemical and hormonal profiles, pudendal nerve latency testing and determination of the penile(More)
Sexually dysfunctional diabetic and nondiabetic males were compared with a group of normal controls using different endocrinological, psychophysiological, and psychological parameters. One hundred male subjects participated in this study: 47 diabetics with sexual dysfunction (DD), 31 nondiabetics with sexual dysfunction (NDD), and 22 normal controls (C).(More)
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This study compared diabetics with sexual dysfunction, nondiabetics with sexual dysfunction, and a group of controls on nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) during three nights in a sleep laboratory, and penile response to erotic stimulation in the waking state on one of the nights. Both diabetic and nondiabetic dysfunctionals showed less erectile response to(More)
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