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Interactions within a protein structure and interactions between proteins in an assembly are essential considerations in understanding molecular basis of stability and functions of proteins and their complexes. There are several weak and strong interactions that render stability to a protein structure or an assembly. Protein Interactions Calculator (PIC) is(More)
BACKGROUND SUPFAM database is a compilation of superfamily relationships between protein domain families of either known or unknown 3-D structure. In SUPFAM, sequence families from Pfam and structural families from SCOP are associated, using profile matching, to result in sequence superfamilies of known structure. Subsequently all-against-all family profile(More)
Email and RSS alerting Sign up for email alerts, and subscribe to this journal's RSS feeds at http://nar.oxfordjournals.org image downloads PowerPoint® Images from this journal can be downloaded with one click as a PowerPoint slide. ABSTRACT Interactions within a protein structure and interactions between proteins in an assembly are essential considerations(More)
Owing to high evolutionary divergence, it is not always possible to identify distantly related protein domains by sequence search techniques. Intermediate sequences possess sequence features of more than one protein and facilitate detection of remotely related proteins. We have demonstrated recently the employment of Cascade PSI-BLAST where we perform(More)
During the course of our large-scale genome analysis a conserved domain, currently detectable only in the genomes of Drosophila melanogaster, Caenorhabditis elegans and Anopheles gambiae, has been identified. The function of this domain is currently unknown and no function annotation is provided for this domain in the publicly available genomic, protein(More)
Edge detection is one of the most commonly used and one of the most important operations in image processing which reduces the useless information while retaining the important structural properties of an image. Here a comparative study of Sobel, Roberts, Prewitt, LoG, Canny, Zerocross algorithms are conducted and corner points using Harris Corner detection(More)
  • A. K. Roy, R. Bhadra, A. G. Datta
  • 2007
In anin vitro rat liver slice incubation system, the synthesis of fibrinogen, when measured by immunoprecipitation technique was stimulated in the presence of epinephrine. An increase in poly (A)+ RNA content of the liver slice was also observed after epinephrine treatment. Thisin vitro experiment demonstrated that epinephrine stimulatedde novo synthesis of(More)
Studies of the nutritional requirements of a neomycin-producing mutantStreptomyces fradiae H developed by the authors show that tapioca starch (at a concentration of 5%) is an excellent carbon source for antibiotic production while soya flour and yeast powder are superior nitrogen sources for neomycin production. A mixture of 1% soya flour and 1% yeast(More)
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