Ran Zuo

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1. Huang-Lian-Jie-Du Decoction (HLJDD) is widely used for the treatment of hypertension, diabetes, inflammation and neural system diseases in clinic. In the present study, the comprehensive metabolic(More)
1. Zebrafish has been used in metabolic study of drugs as a powerful tool in recent years. In this study, we make a feasible metabolism investigation of five protoberberine alkaloids (PBAs) applied(More)
RATIONALE Limonin and obacunone are two major limonoids distributed in the Rutaceae and Meliaceae families. Their defined anti-tumor activity is closely connected with the furan ring and the(More)
RATIONALE Limonoids, characterized by a triterpenoid skeleton with a furan ring, are unique secondary metabolites widely distributed in the families of Rutaceae, particularly in Citrus species and(More)
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