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A New Species Blind Loach of Paracobitis from Guangxi,China (Cypriniformes:Cobitidae)
A new species blind loach of the genus Paracobitis is briefhy described in this paper.The material was found from a cave in Nandan County of Guangxi,China.Paracobitis posterodorsalus Li,Ran et ChinExpand
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A preliminary research on CO_2 release in subtropical karst forest soil
An absorb trap way was used to study the trends of CO 2 release in subtropical forest soil, based on the data of located observaiton in Maolan National Nature Reserve, Guizhou Province, China. TheExpand
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Litter dynamics of major successional communities in Maolan karst forest of China
Aims Litter is a key in nutrient cycling and energy flow of forest ecosystems. Our objective was to study the functions of karst forest litter by analyzing litter dynamics. Methods Litter samplesExpand
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Study on the ecotourism and community economic development of Maolan National Natural Reserve in Guizhou Province.
With Maolan National Natural Reserve as the example,the present development of ecotourism and its great significance to community economic development were expounded,the main problems existing in theExpand
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Study on pharmaceutical insects from Maolan Nature Reserve
The insect resources are rich due to the particular physiognomy and climate in Maolan Nature Reserve.This paper viewed the study of pharmaceutical insects in 75 species,which belong to 42Expand
Tourism development idea of Yaogu Buyi Village in Guizhou Maolan Biosphere Reserve in China.
After the survey of tourist resources of Yaogu Buyi Village in Maolan Biosphere Reserve,it has found that this village has abundant tourist resources and beautiful natural environment,and villagersExpand
A Preliminary Study of Resource Insects in Maolan Nature Reserve
Resource insects can be divided into direct ones and indirect ones.This paper deals with the elementary researches done on the resource insects that exist in the Maolan Nature Reserve,such as thoseExpand