Ran Jia

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Nowadays, neural networks play an important role in the task of relation classification. By designing different neural architec-tures, researchers have improved the performance to a large extent, compared with traditional methods. However, existing neural networks for relation classification are usually of shallow architectures (e.g., one-layer convolu-tion(More)
We present here a combined theoretical and experimental investigation on effective excitation of microcantilever by using photoacoustic waves. The photoacoustic waves arose from a vibrating Al foil induced by an intensity-modulated laser. We demonstrate that, superior to photothermal excitation, this new configuration avoids direct heating of the(More)
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the leading cause of pediatric viral respiratory tract infections. Neither vaccine nor effective antiviral therapy is available to prevent and treat RSV infection. Palivizumab, a humanized monoclonal antibody, is the only product approved to prevent serious RSV infection, but its high cost is prohibitive in low-income(More)
BACKGROUND To assess the behavioral risk factors and mental health needs of adolescents in juvenile detention centers (JDC). METHOD A total of 238 boys aged 12-17 years was surveyed who had been admitted to a detention center and compared them with boys from the community (n = 238) matched for sex and age. We assessed behavioral risk factors and mental(More)
Using molecular dynamics computer simulation we compute gas-liquid phase coexistence curves for the Stockmayer fluid in an external electric field. We observe a field-induced shift of the critical temperature DeltaTc. The sign of DeltaTc depends on whether the potential or the surface charge density is held constant assuming that the dielectric material(More)
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