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We present a new vision-based pedestrian detection system for rear-view cameras which is robust to partial occlusions and non-upright poses. Detection is made using a single automotive rear-view fisheye lens camera. The system uses “Accelerated Feature Synthesis”, a multiple-part based detection method with state-of-the-art performance. In(More)
This paper investigates high-speed narrowband PLC MAC mechanisms attempting to satisfy utilities requirements for smart grid applications. Three protocols currently under discussion by different standardization bodies are studied: 1) ADaPtive backoff (ADP), a variation of the backoff protocol described in [1]); 2) G3 Binary Exponential Backoff (BEB)(More)
In the basic speaker verification task, an unknown voice segment that contains the voice of a single speaker is checked against the acoustic model of a single target speaker. In the multiple-speaker voice mining application, a large set of audio sessions is searched for the sessions of several target speakers. Each of the audio sessions may hold the voice(More)
We present a new approach to neural control of serial manipulators, baseld on the sequential nature of the forward kinematics equations. A neural network is trained to compute the angle between two ad.jacent links, using the location error of the connecting joint as an input. This angle is then used to derive the location of the next joint, according to a(More)
A new paradigm of voice prompted speaker recognition is presented. The vocal prompts that the speaker is asked to repeat are used by the speaker recognition system for segmenting the data and for normalizing the verification results. Using the vocal prompts themselves instead of the matching text makes the overall system more flexible and truly language(More)
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