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Remote ischemic preconditioning improves post resuscitation cerebral function via overexpressing neuroglobin after cardiac arrest in rats
In this study, we investigated the effects of remote ischemic preconditioning on post resuscitation cerebral function in a rat model of cardiac arrest and resuscitation. The animals were randomizedExpand
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Interleukin-27 promotes CD8+ T cell reconstitution following antibody-mediated lymphoablation.
Antibody-mediated lymphoablation is used in solid organ and stem cell transplantation and autoimmunity. Using murine anti-thymocyte globulin (mATG) in a mouse model of heart transplantation, weExpand
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Regulated Shedding of sema4D from the Platelet Surface Produces a Bioactive Second Messenger in Thrombotic Disorders.
Proteins that are expressed on the platelet surface can participate in contact-dependent signaling events which modulate thrombus formation or, after being shed from the platelet surface, serve asExpand
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A Hybrid Pneumatic and Piezoelectric 3d Micro Scanner for Cancer Imaging
This paper presents the development of a new MEMS confocal scanner based on pneumatic and piezoelectric actuators. Confocal imaging was carried out by actuating an objective lens in out-of-planeExpand
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Thymus is required for T cell reconstitution following lymphoablation
Lymphoablation is used as induction therapy in transplantation. Following lymphoablation, peripheral lymphopenia triggers homeostatic T cell proliferation and thymopoiesis. However, the relativeExpand
Memory CD4 T cell helps alter isotype and specificity of donor-reactive alloantibody (TRAN3P.894)
As alloreactive antibody (alloAb) mediate allograft rejection we tested how memory CD4 T cells influence alloAb responses in a murine renal transplantation model. While A/J (H-2 a ) kidney allograftsExpand
Contemporary Theoretical Trends in American Cultural Anthropology
This paper summarizes contemporary theory and methodology in American cultural anthropology.I discuss current ideas in anthropology in terms of their historical genealogy,theirExpand
[Migration and transformation of nitrogen in urban stream located in plain river-net area based on water resources regulation].
To study hydrological features and physical and chemical characteristics of urban stream located in the plain river network area in the process of water resources regulation, and to discuss theExpand