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The voluntary prisoner's dilemma (VPD) game has sparked interest from various fields since it was proposed as an effective mechanism to incentivize cooperative behavior. Current studies show that the inherent cyclic dominance of the strategies of the VPD game results in periodic oscillations in population. This paper investigated the influence of the level(More)
This paper presents first results from a proof of feasibility experiment in conceptual legal document retrieval in a particular domain (involving vaccine injury compensation). The conceptual markup of documents is done automatically using LUIMA, a law-specific semantic extraction toolbox based on the UIMA framework. The system consists of modules for(More)
This paper presents the results of an experiment that investigated the effects of number and presentation order of high-constraint sentences on semantic processing of unknown second language (L2) words (pseudowords) through reading. All participants were Chinese native speakers who learned English as a foreign language. In the experiment, sentence(More)