Ramzan Talib

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SaaS (Software as a service) is one of the main service provided by cloud computing it has a feature of multi tenancy that virtually provides the services on one by one basis but physically all user utilize the services at same time. It has received considerable attention in past few years and an increasing number of countries show their interest in the(More)
Convergence of data mining and process management is ideal – but still limited. An example of such a convergence is presented in the form of APE Framework that addresses the problem of static-agent-assignment-strategies in Workflow Management Systems (WfMS) – one cause of poor business process performance since all eligible agents may be(More)
Workflow Management Systems not only need to provide a mechanism to represent the organizational elements involved during the execution of workflow processes but they also must provide the mechanism for continuous improvements within these elements. But, in almost, all workflow management systems the role concept is determined once at the introduction of a(More)
Companies have long been taking the assistance of only the operational data of a business process, when analyst make their decisions just on the basis of operational data but the pitfall of this method was that context of the business process was missing therefore decisions made in the light of such analysis were not up-to-date and sometimes inaccurate(More)
The last decade has shown tremendous growth data production from different sectors, e.g., biology, financial markets, scientific computing, business processes, Internet of Things. The “Data is New Oil” has become a proverb in academic and corporate circles. Accordingly, tracing, recording origin and deriving data called data provenance has gained tremendous(More)
Routing is difficult in enterprise networks because a packet might have to traverse many intermediary nodes to reach the final destination. The selection of an appropriate routing protocol for a large network is difficult task. The focus of this work is to select and identify the best routing technique for a computer network. In this study, the performance(More)
The term data is new oil which has become a proverb due to large amount of data generation from various sources. Processing and storing such tremendous amount of data is beyond the capabilities of traditional computing system. Cloud computing preferably considered next-generation architecture due to dynamic resource pools, low cost, reliability,(More)
The rapid growth in size of data sets poses challenge to extract and analyze information in timely manner for better prediction and decision making. Data warehouse is the solution for strategic decision making. Data warehouse serves as a repository to store historical and current data. Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) process gather data from(More)