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A central method for analyzing the asymptotic complexity of a functional program is to extract and then solve a recurrence that expresses evaluation cost in terms of input size. The relevant notion of input size is often specific to a datatype, with measures including the length of a list, the maximum element in a list, and the height of a tree. In this(More)
Ramified recurrence over free algebras has been used over the last two decades to provide machine-independent characterizations of major complexity classes. We consider here ramification for the dual setting, referring to coinductive data and corecurrence rather than inductive data and recurrence. Whereas ramified recurrence is related basically to feasible(More)
Proof theoretic characterizations of complexity classes are of considerable interest because they link levels of conceptual abstraction to computational complexity. We consider here the provability of functions over coinductive data in a highly expressive, yet proof-theoretically weak, variant of second order logic L + * , which we believe captures the(More)
Computational criminology is an emerging interdisciplinary field that applies computer science and mathematical methods to the study of criminological problems. In order to understand the nature of crime one has to comprehend not only its spatio-temporal dimensions, but also the victim-offender relationship, role of guardians and history of similar(More)
We propose a framework for reasoning about programs that manipulate coinductive data as well as inductive data. Our approach is based on using equational programs, which support a seamless combination of computation and reasoning, and using productivity (fairness) as the fundamental assertion, rather than bi-simulation. The latter is expressible in terms of(More)
  • Dr M Elumalai, Dr D Bhuminathan, Ramyaa
  • 2014
The " International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences " (IJPBS) is an international journal in English published quarterly. The aim of IJPBS is to publish peer reviewed research and review articles rapidly without delay in the developing field of pharmaceutical and biological sciences ABSTRACT Oral precancerous lesions are one of the most common lesions(More)
This thesis develops new software to help distinguish schizophrenic speech from healthy speech. I used the Natural Language Analysis Tools (Covington 2002) and developed the Natural Language Feature Extraction program to collect linguistic features from forty four speech samples. Decision trees and neural networks use these linguistic features to classify(More)