Ramya Viswanathan

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VPS4 ATPases function in multivesicular body formation and in HIV-1 budding. Here, we report the crystal structure of monomeric apo human VPS4B/SKD1 (hVPS4B), which is composed of five distinct elements: a poorly ordered N-terminal MIT domain that binds ESCRT-III substrates, large (mixed alpha/beta) and small (alpha) AAA ATPase domains that closely resemble(More)
We identify the helicase-SANT-associated (HSA) domain as the primary binding platform for nuclear actin-related proteins (ARPs) and actin. Individual HSA domains from chromatin remodelers (RSC, yeast SWI-SNF, human SWI-SNF, SWR1 and INO80) or modifiers (NuA4) reconstitute their respective ARP-ARP or ARP-actin modules. In RSC, the HSA domain resides on the(More)
Thank you for submitting your manuscript for consideration by the EMBO Journal. It has now been seen by three referees whose comments are shown below. As you will see the referees are in general positive regarding the study although several issues need to be addressed before we proceed further with the manuscript. Should you be able to address these(More)
ATP-dependent chromatin remodelling complexes use the energy of ATP hydrolysis to reposition and reconfigure nucleosomes. Despite their diverse functions, all remodellers share highly conserved ATPase domains, many shown to translocate DNA. Understanding remodelling requires biophysical knowledge of the DNA translocation process: how the ATPase moves DNA(More)
The RSC chromatin remodeler slides and ejects nucleosomes, utilizing a catalytic subunit (Sth1) with DNA translocation activity, which can pump DNA around the nucleosome. A central question is whether and how DNA translocation is regulated to achieve sliding versus ejection. Here, we report the regulation of DNA translocation efficiency by two domains(More)
RSC (remodel the structure of chromatin) is an essential chromatin remodeler of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that has been shown to have DNA translocase properties. We studied the DNA binding properties of a "trimeric minimal RSC" (RSCt) of the RSC chromatin remodeling complex and the effect of nucleotides on this interaction using fluorescence anisotropy. RSCt(More)
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