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INTRODUCTION Lumbrical muscles play a vital role in the precision movements of the hand, along with the thenar, hypothenar and interossei muscles. The variation in the lumbrical muscle is clinically significant. CASE PRESENTATION During routine dissection of an adult male cadaver, we observed an additional muscle belly of the first lumbrical muscle took(More)
Objective: The main objective of the present study was to determine the prominence of Tibial Tuberos-ity (TT) and the morphometry and analyse the side and gender differences Methods: 170 randomly collected tibia of unknown sex was analyzed to evaluate the measurements of the TT. All the bones selected were dry and showed normal anatomical features. Results:(More)
Cancer is increasing the total number of unexpected deaths around the world. Until now, cancer research could not significantly contribute to a proper solution for the cancer patient, and as a result, the high death rate is uncontrolled. The present research aim is to extract the significant factors for responsible for endometrial cancer. We subsequently(More)
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