Ramya Krishna Poluri

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BACKGROUND It is beyond doubt that finishing and polishing of a composite restoration enhance its esthetics and, is also essential for the health of the periodontium. A variety of instruments are commonly used for finishing and polishing tooth-colored restorative materials Thus, it is important to understand which type of surface finishing treatments would(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to compare the shear bond strength of nanocomposite resin to superficial dentin and deep dentin using two different dentin bonding systems. MATERIALS AND METHODS All teeth were sectioned at various levels (superficial dentin: Dentin within 0.5-1 mm of dentinoenamel junction; deep dentin: Dentin within 0.5 mm of the(More)
BACKGROUND To compare the microtensile bond strength of resin cements to enamel and dentin and to determine the type of bond failure using stereomicroscope. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this in-vitro study 40 teeth were embedded in acrylic resin and divided into two main groups i.e., Group A for enamel and Group B for dentin. Each group is again subdivided(More)
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