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Phototherapy is the use of non-ionizing radiation, primarily in the ultraviolet spectrum, to treat disease. In dermatology, ultraviolet (UV) phototherapy remains an established, lower cost, and often preferred option for many common skin conditions, despite the introduction of newer potent biologics. This article introduces a principal therapeutic modality(More)
The skin eruption on a patient with a history of cancer was not nearly as innocuous as she assumed. When a 54year-old woman from Mexico presented with a 1-month history of erythematous, nontender, nonpruritic papules and nodules on the right side of her chest wall, she attributed the skin lesions to a spider bite. On examination, the largest of the lesions(More)
HHV-8: human herpesvirus-8 KS: Kaposi sarcoma MSM: men who have sex with men INTRODUCTION Kaposi sarcoma (KS) is an indolent angioproliferative tumor thought to be dependent on viral replication, immune modulation, and inflammatory cytokines produced by infected endothelial and immune cells. Human herpesvirus-8 (HHV-8) is thought to cause KS and is(More)
Granulomatous slack skin syndrome is a rare variant of mycosis fugoides characterized by the development of pendulous skin folds in the intertriginous regions. It has an indolent but progressive course and is usually refractory to treatment. Extra-cutaneous involvement is rare. We report a unique case of slack skin syndrome coexisting with a progressive(More)
Pigmentation secondary to minocycline ingestion is an uncommon adverse event affecting 3.7-14.8% of treated individuals for which few effective therapies are available. Three patterns of minocycline pigmentation have a characteristic clinical and histological appearance. The pigment composition in each variety is different and occurs at varying skin depths.(More)
Stiff skin syndrome is a rare sclerotic condition that presents during infancy or early childhood. It has an insidious chronic course and may lead to significant co-morbidity and reduced quality of life. Often, affected individuals experience impaired ambulation and immobilization related to joint involvement. Clinically, it may resemble other sclerotic(More)