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The disposal of food waste is a large environmental problem. In the United Kingdom (UK), approximately 15 million tonnes of food are wasted each year, mostly disposed of in landfill, via composting, or anaerobic digestion (AD). European Union (EU) guidelines state that food waste should preferentially be used as animal feed though for most food waste this(More)
In order to achieve a circular economy, there must be a greater understanding of the links between economic activity and waste generation. This study introduces the first version of the UK waste input-output table that could be used to quantify both direct and indirect waste arisings across the supply chain. The proposed waste input-output table features 21(More)
Comment on “The Atlantic<lb>Multidecadal Oscillation without<lb>a role for ocean circulation”<lb>Rong Zhang, Rowan Sutton, Gokhan<lb>Danabasoglu, Thomas L. Delworth, Who<lb>M. Kim, Jon Robson, Stephen G. Yeager<lb>Clement et al. (Reports, 16 October 2015, p.<lb>320) claim that the Atlantic Multidecadal<lb>Oscillation (AMO) is a thermodynamic<lb>response of(More)
The environmental evaluation of food waste prevention is considered a challenging task due to the globalised nature of the food supply chain and the limitations of existing evaluation tools. The most significant of these is the rebound effect: the associated environmental burdens of substitutive consumption that arises as a result of economic savings made(More)
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