Ramy Farid

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We provide an overview of the IMPACT molecular mechanics program with an emphasis on recent developments and a description of its current functionality. With respect to core molecular mechanics technologies we include a status report for the fixed charge and polarizable force fields that can be used with the program and illustrate how the force fields, when(More)
We created a homology model of the homo-tetrameric pore domain of HERG using the crystal structure of the bacterial potassium channel, KvAP, as a template. We docked a set of known blockers with well-characterized effects on channel function into the lumen of the pore between the selectivity filter and extracellular entrance using a novel docking and(More)
While it may seem intuitive that using an ensemble of multiple conformations of a receptor in structure-based virtual screening experiments would necessarily yield improved enrichment of actives relative to using just a single receptor, it turns out that at least in the p38 MAP kinase model system studied here, a very large majority of all possible(More)
The function of G-protein-coupled receptors is tightly modulated by the lipid environment. Long-timescale molecular dynamics simulations (totaling approximately 3 mus) of the A(2A) receptor in cholesterol-free bilayers, with and without the antagonist ZM241385 bound, demonstrate the instability of helix II in the apo receptor in cholesterol-poor membrane(More)
Although many popular docking programs include a facility to account for covalent ligands, large-scale systematic docking validation studies of covalent inhibitors have been sparse. In this paper, we present the development and validation of a novel approach for docking and scoring covalent inhibitors, which consists of conventional noncovalent docking,(More)
All-atom models are essential for many applications in molecular modeling and computational chemistry. Nonbonded atomic contacts much closer than the sum of the van der Waals radii of the two atoms (clashes) are commonly observed in such models derived from protein crystal structures. A set of 94 recently deposited protein structures in the resolution range(More)
  • Ying-Ju Sung, Nelson Sofoluke, Mary Nkamany, Shixian Deng, Yuli Xie, Jeremy Greenwood +3 others
  • 2016
Activating Protein kinase-1α (PKG-1α) induces a long-term hyperexcitability (LTH) in nociceptive neurons. Since the LTH correlates directly with chronic pain in many animal models we tested the hypothesis that inhibiting PKG-1α would attenuate LTH-mediated pain. We first synthesized and characterized compound N46(More)
Eighteen (2RS,6RS)-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)-6-(substituted ethyl)dihydro-2H-pyran-4(3H)ones were synthesized via a DDQ-mediated oxidative carbon-hydrogen bond activation reaction. Fourteen of these tetrahydropyrans were substituted with triazoles readily assembled via azide-alkyne click-chemistry reactions. Examples of a linked benzotriazole and pyrazole motif(More)
  • Mark Steedman, Satenik Farid, Armenoushie Karsian Sudjian, Ramy Farid, Adel Fareed
  • 1997
i This work would not have been possible were it not for: all those who have come before us and whose shoulders we stand upon, my current and former advisors, teachers, and mentors, the GRASP Lab, and my many colleagues and friends (especially Mary Bravo), and the support of my family. With many thanks to my rst and most innuential teachers: Abstract Range(More)
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