Ramunė Grikšienė

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Cognitive abilities, such as verbal fluency and mental rotation, are most sensitive to changes in sex steroids but poorly studied in the context of hormonal contraceptive usage. Therefore, we investigated the performance of mental rotation and verbal fluency in young (21.5±1.8 years) healthy oral contraceptive (OC) users (23 women) and non-users (20 women)(More)
The behavioral and electrophysiological responses in a Go/NoGo task are objective measures of executive functioning that may be impaired in clinical conditions. Prior to the wider application of Go/NoGo tasks in clinics, it is tempting to evaluate factors causing modulation of the responses. We aimed to evaluate the effect of different levels of female sex(More)
Auditory steady-state responses (ASSRs) are widely applied to test brain's ability to follow external stimulation in neuropsychiatric disorders. It is known that ASSRs are related to GABAergic transmission. Female sex steroid homones - both estrogens and progesterone - affect functioning of GABAergic system. However, it is not known how these hormones(More)
Mental rotation task (MRT) incorporates elements of spatial abilities, important in many professions, with people of both genders involved. Importantly, these are the areas where spatial tasks might be performed for long time periods; thus adverse effects of mental fatigue are highly unwanted. Substantial variation of MRT performance in relation to estrogen(More)
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