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This paper presents a collection of approximation formulas that allow a network planner to quickly estimate the size of a mesh optical network with limited inputs. In particular, it provides a set of equations that relate number of sites, average fiber connectivity, demand load and capacity for various mesh protection architectures. These results can be(More)
In a cohort analysis of Silastic vacuum extractor deliveries, 65% were completed with the vacuum extractor alone, 24% with outlet forceps, 3% with midforceps, and 7% with cesarean section (vacuum extractor-cesarean). Control groups were formed by using the next sequential forceps delivery, spontaneous vaginal delivery, and every second cesarean section(More)
This study was done to document postnatal alterations in hematocrit and viscosity in the first 18 hours of life in 99 full-term infants, to better understand the age-dependent variations in these measurements that may have a bearing on the diagnosis of neonatal polycythemia. The peripheral venous Hct was highest at 2 hours of age, and dropped to cord blood(More)
In order to better define criteria for diagnosis and treatment of neonatal polycythemia, 74 neonates with peripheral venous hematocrit levels greater than or equal to 65% were studied. The hematocrit levels of capillary (Cap Hct), peripheral venous (PV Hct), and umbilical venous (UV Hct) blood was measured. Viscosity of umbilical venous blood (UV eta) was(More)
A randomized trial of intrapartum versus postpartum antibiotic treatment of women with intra-amniotic infection was conducted. Intra-amniotic infection was treated with ampicillin and gentamicin during labor (at the time of diagnosis) in 26 women and immediately after umbilical cord clamping in 19 women. Intrapartum treatment led to a lower incidence of(More)
Candida albicans meningitis was diagnosed in a 45-day-old premature infant whose birth weight was 1,616 gm. Symptoms consisted of poor weight gain and poor suckling. The combined use of amphotericin B and 5-fluorocytosine (5-FC) resulted in negative CSF cultures after 12 days of therapy. Amphotericin B was given for 45 days (total 83 mg) and 5-FC for 60(More)
Intelligent mesh optical networks deployed today offer unparalleled capacity, flexibility, availability, and, inevitably, new challenges to master all these qualities in the most efficient and practical manner. More specifically, demands are routed according to the state of the network available at the moment. As the network and the traffic evolve, the(More)