Ramu S. Ramamurthy

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This paper presents a collection of approximation formulas that allow a network planner to quickly estimate the size of a mesh optical network with limited inputs. In particular, it provides a set of equations that relate number of sites, average fiber connectivity, demand load and capacity for various mesh protection architectures. These results can be(More)
Intelligent mesh optical networks deployed today offer unparalleled capacity, flexibility, availability, and, inevitably, new challenges to master all these qualities in the most efficient and practical manner. More specifically, demands are routed according to the state of the network available at the moment. As the network and the traffic evolve, the(More)
Consider an optical network which employs wavelength-routing crossconnects that enable the establishment of wavelength-division-multiplexed (WDM) connections between node pairs. In such a network, when there is no wavelength conversion, a connection is constrained to be on the same wavelength channel along its route. Alternate routing can improve the(More)
Preterm birth (PTB) is a complex trait, but little is known regarding its major genetic determinants. The objective of this study is to localize genes that influence susceptibility to PTB in Mexican Americans (MAs), a minority population in the USA, using predominantly microfilmed birth certificate-based data obtained from the San Antonio Family Birth(More)
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