Ramu Panayappan

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Parking availability notification and parking spot locator are two useful VANET applications. In this paper, we provide a network model through which the available parking lots and parking spots can be located efficiently and without extensive infrastructure support. The various security vulnerabilities of the model are noted and an appropriate security(More)
Moving device virtualization from the virtual machine monitor (VMM) to the devices improves virtual-machine performance significantly, but it requires support from the devices. PCI and PCI Express (PCIe) devices can provide VMs with direct and secure I/O through the use of multiple functions per card, but at significant cost and inflexibility. One solution(More)
With the rapid emergence of new home networking technologies and proliferation of devices that use them, innovation has focused on rich functionality and largely ignored the associated security threats. The heterogeneous set of home appliances, their varied communication mediums, the lack of any ubiquitous standard to manage the communication across these(More)
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