Ramtin Rakhsha

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Ramtin Rakhsha* Mechanical Engineering Department University of Victoria, BC, Canada This paper investigates the use of passive multi rate wave commu­ nications for distributed haptic cooperation between two users con­ nected over a network with constant delay and low transmission rate. The paper develops the lifted state space model of the hap­ tic(More)
This paper investigates the stability and performance of distributed multirate control of direct touch in networked haptic systems that provide users with a remote dynamic proxy of their peer and with passive wave domain communications. The paper considers communication networks with fixed delay and with packet update rate (More)
A characteristic of the majority of semiconductors is the presence of lattice strain varying with the nanometer scale. Strain originates from the lattice mismatch between layers of different composition deposited during epitaxial growth. Strain can increase the mobility of the charge carriers by the band gap reduction. So, measuring atomic displacement(More)
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