Ramtin Mehdizadeh Seraj

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Hierarchical phrase-based machine translation [1] (Hiero) is a prominent approach for Statistical Machine Translation usually comparable to or better than conventional phrase-based systems. But Hiero typically uses the CKY decoding algorithm which requires the entire input sentence before decoding begins, as it produces the translation in a bottom-up(More)
The multilingual Paraphrase Database (PPDB) is a freely available automatically created resource of paraphrases in multiple languages. In statistical machine translation, paraphrases can be used to provide translation for out-of-vocabulary (OOV) phrases. In this paper, we show that a graph propagation approach that uses PPDB paraphrases can be used to(More)
Overview To our knowledge, no-one has analysed the choice of affective word choices in a machine translation (MT) system, that is, an MT system that pays attention to the translation of words connoting some kind of affective state. " Affec-tive states " include emotions, feelings, and moods. We are working on the analysis of affec-tive translation in(More)
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