Ramtin Mehdizadeh Seraj

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Hierarchical phrase-based machine translation [1] (Hiero) is a prominent approach for Statistical Machine Translation usually comparable to or better than conventional phrase-based systems. But Hiero typically uses the CKY decoding algorithm which requires the entire input sentence before decoding begins, as it produces the translation in a bottom-up(More)
The multilingual Paraphrase Database (PPDB) is a freely available automatically created resource of paraphrases in multiple languages. In statistical machine translation, paraphrases can be used to provide translation for out-of-vocabulary (OOV) phrases. In this paper, we show that a graph propagation approach that uses PPDB paraphrases can be used to(More)
Overview To our knowledge, no-one has analysed the choice of affective word choices in a machine translation (MT) system, that is, an MT system that pays attention to the translation of words connoting some kind of affective state. “Affective states” include emotions, feelings, and moods. We are working on the analysis of affective translation in(More)
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