Ramtin Kermani

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i ABSTRACT This thesis introduces the Model-Based Development of Multi-iRobot Toolbox (MBDMIRT), a Simulink-based toolbox designed to provide the means to acquire and practice the Model-Based Development (MBD) skills necessary to design real-time embedded system. The MBDMIRT toolbox runs under MATLAB/Simulink to simulate the movements of multiple iRobots(More)
Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) has recently become a popular high-level specification language for robotic applications. One of the main reasons for the adoption of LTL is that LTL control synthesis algorithms are scalable while providing sufficient expressive power for a range of applications. However, despite the recent progress, one challenge remains. How(More)
Objective of this thesis project is to build a prototype using Linear Temporal Logic specifications for generating a 2D motion plan commanding an iRobot to fulfill the specifications. This thesis project was created for Cyber Physical Systems Lab in Arizona State University. The end product of this thesis is creation of a software solution which can be used(More)
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