Ramos Angel

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decreased in SC diets. In conclusion, the results of this experiment indicated that Supercede corn may have the potential to replace the energy source in broiler diets. 331 Identification of differentially expressed genes in broilers fed different levels of phosphorus and calcium. Excess phosphorus (P) in poultry litter is an increasing concern and the(More)
CONCLUSION The use of a hearing aid (HA) in combination with a cochlear implant (CI) significantly improved performance for speech perception in quiet, in noise, and for localization compared with monaural conditions. No significant differences in functional performance were observed following optimization of HA fitting. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the(More)
The objectives of the current study were to evaluate the effect of feeding diets containing 0, 10, or 20% distillers dried grains plus solubles (DDGS) to laying hens (21 to 26 wk of age) on emissions of NH3 and H2S. Hy-Line W-36 hens (n = 640) were allocated randomly to 8 environmental rooms for a 5-wk period (hens in 3 rooms were offered the 10% and 20%(More)
A total of 1,440 straight-run Heritage 56M × fast-feathering Cobb 500F broiler birds were fed from 11 to 13 d of age to determine the impacts of calcium (Ca), phytate phosphorus (PP), nonphytate P (NPP) and phytase concentrations on the myo-inositol hexakisphosphate (IP6) flow through the different parts of gastrointestinal tract (GIT). The experiment was a(More)
A study was done to determine whether broilers can regulate Ca intake when limestone is provided separately or mixed with a crumbled feed of variable Ca and P content, and the influence of this on performance and apparent ileal digestibility (AID) of Ca and P (AIDP). Twelve crumbled diets were fed from 10 to 20 d of age (8 replicates, 8 broilers/replicate).(More)
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