Ramona S. McNeal

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This article explores e government inequalities to searching Medicare and Medicaid information online. Telehealth, a branch of e government, can bring public health service and insurance information to the citizen. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website, among others, has critical information for potential beneficiaries and recipients of(More)
The objective of this study is to explore the variation in the implementation of telehealth programs in the United States. In researching this topic, we assess the influence of traditional policy determinants on the extent of telehealth program implementation. The methodology used in our evaluation is cross-sectional time series regression analysis. The(More)
Despite federal legislation to equalize healthcare for children with limited English language proficiency, some state healthcare agencies and programs fall short in providing children’s linguistic services for mental healthcare. While some states have been aggressive in passing cultural and linguistic laws aimed at providing protection for children, other(More)
The World Health Organization, in its World Health Report 2000 - Health Systems: Improving Performance said, ldquoThe U.S. health system spends a higher portion of its gross domestic product than any other country but ranks 37 out of 191 countries according to its performance...rdquo National Institute of Health (NIH) established the Common Fund in 2004 to(More)
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