Ramona Rusu

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During the summer of 1996 an unusual clustering of meningoencephalitis cases was recorded in the Capital City, Bucharest, and in some areas from South-East Romania. After an initial suspicion of an enteroviral etiology was discarded, the West Nile etiology was confirmed by specific antibodies demonstration through hemagglutination-inhibition and ELISA(More)
The clinical significance of antichlamydial antibodies (Chlam Ab) was determined in a total of 1303 subfertile couples consulting for infertility investigation and treatment. Median age of the women was 30 (range 22-44) years and of the men 33 (range 21-53) years. The median duration of infertility was 4 (range 1-21) years. All patients were asymptomatic(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY to compare the acute effect of ACEI and ARB's upon the plasmatic endothelin level in heart failure patients. METHODS There were studied 30 patients with congestive heart failure, III-IV functional NYHA class, that were not under ACEI or ARB's treatment. In all the patients the endothelinl-21 plasmatic level was determined. After this,(More)
Neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus (NPSLE) has become a popular term designing all neurological and psychiatric complications in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). It occurs in up to two thirds of all SLE patients and it covers a vast array of disorders ranging from peripheral neuropathy to stroke, psychosis, and dementia.(More)
In asymptomatic infertility patients, no significant relationship was found between the presence of antisperm antibodies (ASA) in serum and in semen samples (IgG and/or IgA ASA), differentiated with the mixed antiglobulin reaction (MAR), and the microbial colonization of ejaculates covering a broad spectrum of microorganisms. Likewise, there was no(More)
Mycobacterium xenopi is infrequently recognized as a cause of pulmonary disease. During a 12-year survey (1978-89),. 108 strains of this Mycobacterium were isolated from 90 persons and 6 hot water samples. From 87 patients 89 occasional strains of M. xenopi were isolated, and 3 patients were diagnosed as having pulmonary mycobacteriosis caused by it. The(More)
The analysis of a group of 67 patients hospitalized for various bronchopneumopathies, in whom evidencing of the tuberculosis bacilli led to the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis allows to emphasize the increased efficiency of bacteriological detection by repeated bacilloscopy and successive cultures. They also stress the necessity of increased attention(More)
The Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare (MAI) group comprised 10.5% of all nontuberculous mycobacteria isolated in the Mycobacterium Reference Laboratory, Tel Aviv, in an 11-year study period. From the Buirej Chest Hospital in Gaza, alone, 273 strains were isolated, representing 12.1% of the specimens from that hospital, while 149 strains (0.24% of all(More)