Ramona Rednic

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This letter introduces MercuryLive, a platform to enable home monitoring of patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) using wearable sensors. MercuryLive contains three tiers: a resource-aware data collection engine that relies upon wearable sensors, web services for live streaming and storage of sensor data, and a web-based graphical user interface client(More)
—The paper proposes an information generation and summarisation algorithm to detect behavioural change in applications such as long-term monitoring of vulnerable people. The algorithm learns the monitored subject's behaviour autonomously post-deployment and provides time-suppressed summaries of the activity types engaged with by the subject over the course(More)
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— This paper presents an investigation into the design space for real-time, wearable posture classification systems; specifically, it analyses the impact of various factors/design choices on classification accuracy when using C4.5 decision trees. The factors can be broadly divided into: 1) system factors (such as sensor sampling rate and number of sensors(More)
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