Ramona Nitzsche

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Severe invasive infectious diseases remain a major and life-threatening health problem. In serious cases, a systemic activation of the coagulation cascade is a critical complication that is associated with high mortality rates. We report here that streptokinase, a group A streptococcal plasminogen activator, triggers the activation of the human contact(More)
Histones are small basic proteins and highly conserved among eukaryotes. Their main function is binding, packaging and organizing of DNA in the nucleus, but extracellular histones are also potent antimicrobial proteins. Here we found that Streptococcus pyogenes - an important human pathogen - protects itself from histone-killing by the acquisition of(More)
BACKGROUND Sepsis is associated with coagulation abnormalities, and a high content of intravascular tissue factor (TF) may contribute to the development of multisystem organ failure. Circulating microvesicles (MVs) are increased during sepsis and characterized by their phosphatidylserine content. It is unclear whether MVs-as a part of the host response to(More)
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