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We study a simple, solvable model that allows us to investigate effects of credit contagion on the default probability of individual firms, in both portfolios of firms and on an economy wide scale. While the effect of interactions may be small in typical (most probable) scenarios they are magnified, due to feedback, by situations of economic stress, which(More)
  • R Kühn
  • 1990
The existence analytical inquiry has developed corporal models that admit in their integrative-anthropological form fertile comparisons with a phenomenological radical immanence-philosophy of the constitution. The "body as partner" (W. Blankenburg) and the not objectivitical measurable connection of the "figure- and functionbody" contain estimates, to(More)
  • R Kühn
  • 1989
However "psychical" is defined it presumes a view of man, his personality and incarnation of the world, that may no longer be justified by psychology itself. Disclosing of the according conception of man in the philosophical sense fortunately therefore belongs today to a critical self-understanding of the various schools in psychotherapy. Besides the(More)